BSB Lab - Welcome

The Biology of Social Behavior Lab (BSB Lab) is a scientific initiative based at the Department of Psychology of the University of Turin, Italy. The BSB Lab brings together researchers with different backgrounds who study human behavior in a biological perspective.
The aims of the BSB Lab are to foster scientific communication, both at the local and international level, and to promote high-quality interdisciplinary research. Lab members share a commitment to the principles of theoretical integration, ecological relevance and methodological pluralism.

Theoretical Integration

We actively pursue vertical integration between levels of explanation and analysis, from the molecular to the social, as well as horizontal integration between neighboring disciplines including genetics, neurobiology, behavioral ecology, anthropology, and philosophy of mind. The metatheoretical framework of evolutionary biology makes such integration possible.

Ecological Relevance

We strive to achieve ecological relevance, both in the choice of research topics and in the design of studies and experiments. We aim to understand the behavior of actual people – with their own goals and motives – as they interact with a social world populated with friends, competitors, mates, parents, children, and so on. This requires a biologically based theory of human nature, one that goes beyond abstract and generic models of the mind/brain.

Methodological pluralism

We share the excitement for new research methods and techniques, but also believe that methodology should always be put in the service of theory advancement. We strive to overcome methodological insulation between disciplines by investigating complex topics via multiple, complementary research methods.

Main Research Areas

Main research Areas Image
- Social neuroscience - Embodied and ecological cognition - Evolutionary psychology - Evolutionary neuroscience